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Archived fixes / it keeps giving me this error in Error Log
« on February 10th, 2014, 11:02 PM »
it keeps giving me this error in Error Log
Apply Filter: Only show the errors with the same message 2: Missing argument 3 for shd_parse_wikilinks()
Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file File: C:/xampp/htdocs/wedge/plugins/wedgedesk/src/Subs-WedgeDesk.php
Line: 759
The Pub / {coders} Dont forget the rtl languages support
« on May 16th, 2013, 03:28 PM »
hello every one i see much work done and still working
 i just wanted to remind u that there are too many ppl waiting for the frist release
of the the wedge and those ppl  having already rtl forums and websites so.. please make sure u consider those ppl in ur codes
text-align   and float : right; hhehheeh
thats what good at 

anyway  someone asked if the media plugin will be included inside the script by default or not i said i think they will do that
we gonna have the mod media pro for free inside the new wedge hehhehehh ppl laugh and said in ur dreams :niark: