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Archived fixes / Re: it keeps giving me this error in Error Log
Nao « on February 11th, 2014, 12:28 AM »
Well, at least we get to see people who silently install Wedge... :P
i just wanted to remind u that there are too many ppl waiting for the frist release
And there are basically two of us writing the code. They'll just have to wait until we're ready.
of the the wedge and those ppl  having already rtl forums and websites so.. please make sure u consider those ppl in ur codes
We haven't tested RTL lately but we haven't forgotten about it at all.
anyway  someone asked if the media plugin will be included inside the script by default or not i said i think they will do that
Aeva Media is included.
we gonna have the mod media pro for free inside the new wedge hehhehehh ppl laugh and said in ur dreams :niark:
The Media Pro mod by vbgamer (later renamed to SAVE) is not required because Aeva is built in.
Other software / Aeva Blog
pols1337 « on May 15th, 2012, 10:01 PM »
Hey Wedge developers,

I don't know if any of you would be interested in this side project but I really think SMF deserves a better blog system.  Would any of you be interested in developing like an Aeva Blog? 

Right now I'm using ADK Blog, which is perfectly fine ... except it doesn't allow an upload image function, which is a major drawback.  If you could cross-utilize the Aeva Media upload function of both individual files and batch upload to the Blog, that would be amazing. 

I'd be happy to make a small donation, say $10 - $15, to help support development of this. 

No need to download, just go to the hardware store, buy a block of wood and cut it diagonally. If you don't want to put any work into it then you can search to see if they have those wooden door stoppers.

However it doesn't need to be made out of wood. Go to your local supermarket and they may already carry a Wedge of cheese. If not buy a block and cut it diagonally to obtain your very own Wedge.

Now you have Wedge enjoy.

Your computer mouse will love, just look at the pic below.
On ya bike!!! :eheh: