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Plugins / RSS Feed-to-post
« on January 6th, 2013, 07:57 AM »
Howdy all,

I figured I throw my deman... I mean, request in.  My SMF forum is a political forum, and when discussing news articles, my users must:

1) find the article
2) create a new post
3) copy and paste a small snippet from the article to the post
4) put quotes or some deliniation around the text to show it was from the article
5) copy and past the link to the article
6) comment on the article

I know -- I'm sweating just thinking about all that work.  What I would LOVE (and SMF didn't have it) is for the admin to specify one or more RSS news feeds, and those feeds to display in a little box or something.  If a user sees an article title of interest, they click on it and pops up the article in a new browser window/tab.  If they want to, they click on a "post", or something in the box, and a new post is created with the title of the article (the user can modify it if they want).  A snippet of the beginning of the article and a link populates the post (maybe with a BLOCK/CITE tags?), and that item is removed from the feed box.

This I know this would create more traffic/discussion on my forum.

Does this make sense?
Off-topic / Wedge seems cool
« on January 6th, 2013, 02:34 AM »

I have an SMF forum that has been growing (getting about 600k-700k views per month after going live 2.5 years ago), and I'm thinking ahead to getting off SMF.  It seems like some basic things I would expect aren't available, and I'm not sure a lot of the mod developers know what they're doing, to be honest (I'm know you guys are good though ;-)).  Plus, a release every year seems odd to me.

As an experienced software developer, I'm curious about the Wedge platform, and look forward to getting up to speed on the architecture and decisions that were made.  On the web side, my team uses Drupal and Rails, so I'm curious how much influence those frameworks had on Wedge.

A few questions (that may be answered after I poke around some more):

 - are you guys experienced enough with software development to build a robust and scalable platform?  For example, do you understand the internals of PHP, cacheing, etc.?
 - will there be a utility to convert from SMF?
 - do you have a big enough of a team to pound away at the the core, and enough developers to build plugings/mods for basic stuff (like your Aeva SMF mod)?
 - what security expertise is on the team?

I really like this demo forum, and I'd love to be one of the first to use it when it's pushed to stable.  I ended up on this forum after looking for the latest Aeva mod, and got up to speed on the politics of SMF.  If you guys were the leading contributers, and decided to fork, then it makes sense to me to stick with and rely on you guys.  It's not unrealistic for our traffic to grow to a few million hits per month, so I want to make sure I make a good decision before we convert.  To sum up my position on my forum, I feel like I'm on a plane set on autopilot, and both pilots are dead.

Anyway, I'll be poking around.................. :-)