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Features / Re: New revs
« on September 5th, 2010, 09:20 AM »
Thanks for the auto-topic fix, I really don't have time to work on anything this weekend... (I hate it.)
BTW, the "Mark Resolved" feature in SD doesn't seem to work when clicked from within a ticket. It does work when using the icon in the ticket list.
I really should rewrite the template for the homepage, btw, just so it shows tickets a bit more like Mantis & PT do... Right now it's a bit confusing to me, because of this whole "waiting for user/admin feedback" thing that really isn't necessary here.
The reason for this one is to make it much easier to build on and/or replace in the event of using something like CKEditor; now whatever we do in terms of altering the code, we just have to update wedgeEditor rather than liberally hitting up the code throughout Wedge.
Oh... Right! Then it's fantastic.
I love it that you baptized our project :) Very logically, too, since this is something that is unlikely of reaching SMF at all. (And if it does, they'd better keep the name :P)
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 5th, 2010, 01:39 AM »
Wow, I totally need to read this backlog... I haven't looked into the "Bigger changes" topic yet (it's opened in a tab -- only, I have about 50 tabs open just for!! Have to read them all!), neither have I looked into your code refactoring tickets (shame on me. Same reason.)

So, you're not much into social events either, eh? :P
[off-topic real life crap]Tonight I was at my brother in law's birthday party... Very noisy bar, very hot in there, and boring people (next time I see someone demonstrating their new iPhone, I'll be using my fists.)
I like my BIL (he lives in London and I don't get to see him a lot), but he was overcrowded today so I didn't even get to tell him a word, lol. The guy I talked for the longest (about... 10 minutes) was a geek co-worker of his who was in Paris for the first time. We discussed TV shows, the hate of commuting to London (guess why) and other things. The only 10 interesting minutes -- and it reminded me just how AWFUL my accent is. And there's no Backspace key in a muscle-powered vocal controller. God bless the Backspace key. I can fix all (most) of my English mistakes as soon as they take shape, and nobody needs to know! I'm looking forward to meeting you in the future and making a fool out of myself :D

Tomorrow I'm set to see BIL again... With family, this time. Argh. Someone, please free me from non-geeks! I bore them to death, and they return the favour with pleasure![/off-topic real life crap]
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 4th, 2010, 02:58 PM »
Not a problem... When I said "forgotten", I really meant Norv didn't fix it the same way as he fixed Subs.php...
And as I wrote in my earlier rant... As unimportant a fix is, what matters is commitment. We both have it, let's keep it that way :)
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 4th, 2010, 02:12 PM »
rev 36
* Applied Pete's rockin' fix from Subs.php to convert.php as well. (convert.php)

(This one tends to get forgotten in the process... Maybe because now over at the tools folder is in an external repository, I don't know. "Ommit externals" is disabled in my Tortoise copy.)
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 4th, 2010, 12:18 PM »
I didn't do anything special with it, your Honour! Honest to God!
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 4th, 2010, 09:53 AM »
rev 33
! Putting a windowbg block inside a windowbg2? Eh? (Help.template.php)
* Starting the wrc conversion process. Only one for now... More will follow :P (Recent.template.php)

What's the issue? Aren't you able to view the svn log?

As for rev 34 -- very interesting! I'll have a look.
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 3rd, 2010, 06:05 PM »
rev 28
! Fixed a potential error in $board_info['moderators'][id]['link'] ($txt is not supposed to be loaded at this point). Besides, this entry is never used as far as I know, so it might as well be removed entirely... (Load.php)

rev 29
! Incorrect indenting (Display.template.php)
! Minor spacing fixes. (Subs-Editor.php, QueryString.php, Profile-Modify.php, ManagePaid.php, ManageNews.php, upgrade.php, smf_api.php, repair.php)

rev 30
* Updated to SMF rev 10075 + minor spacing fixes. (changelog.txt, convert.php, Subs.php)
@ This needs being looked into. convert.php and Subs.php have apparently been converted to full UTF8. Is this as desired?

rev 31
* Updated to SMF rev 10083. (changelog.txt, repair_settings.php, Subs-Calendar.php)
@ This mostly moves old themes and the tools folder to their own repository. As a direct result, the tools folder is still here, and the old themes are gone, but since we'd already removed them anyway, it's all just fine.
Features / Re: New revs
« on September 2nd, 2010, 08:27 PM »
rev 25
! Fixed remaining CR-LF files. (changelog.txt, install.php, ssi_examples.php, mailQueueCron.php, repair_settings.php, upgrade.php, Admin.php)
Features / New revs
« on September 2nd, 2010, 02:57 PM »
Note to the Wedge audience!

What is this topic about?

It's our official changelog. Every time we commit something to the central SVN server (which retains the master copy of Wedge), we document our changes, and then we post them here.
Pete uses the SVN format to post his changelogs here, while I've been using a slightly different format (eventually adding extra line breaks to improve readability of the whole damn thing.)

As you can see below, this topic started at revision 23, so it's missing about a week's worth of changes, maybe we'll report them later.

There's already a feature list. What's the point of this topic?

The point is that we're being open about what we're currently working on. Not many people do that. They tend to keep you updated once in a blue moon. Our goal has always been to make this topic public, at least after the first alpha release. We're just making that happen a bit earlier.
We're also being honest about our blunders. Perhaps because there aren't a lot of them, eh eh. And honest about the time it sometimes takes us to implement something. Writing a new feature is not as easy as "one two three done". Sometimes you'll just give up on it for some time, come back to it, etc. I think it's an interesting way of going through our numerous changes to the original SMF codebase.
And of course, the feature list is a good thing, and pretty complete as it is, but it doesn't get updated too often.

Another point is that SMF users can finally get to know about SMF quirks we've been fixing. The feature list has an obscure entry about 'SMF bugs' being fixed. I didn't want to reveal what they were. After some consideration, I decided that they 'might as well be told'. So, if anyone has the courage to dig through the complete changelog and compile a list of SMF bugs we fixed (I always try to indicate 'smf bug' or a similar mention in the changelog when I fix one), feel free to transmit it to SMF. We personally don't give a damn about them.

So, do I need to read it?

No. Only if you're a hardcore fan. In which case you probably already had access to it before. I'd recommend you read through the changelog after rev ~750 though. That is, when I compiled the feature list. Anything done after is not in the feature list. I'll update it of course, eventually.

The topic is locked, how do I comment it?

It is locked to help with readability. We don't want to bury the changelogs in the middle of pages and pages of off-topic discussions.
There's already a private comment topic, but it's private and WILL remain so.
The official comment topic is here:
But you can create new topics or whatever you'd like.

Back to the original post!

Hmm, I don't know if it'll work, but I'll try to make a specific thread where we can post our latest rev logs, and maybe discuss them. We're already doing that in the To-do topic, but there's a long post I have to answer over there, and I don't want to forget it :P
Anyway, this is to give more visibility for our cheerleaders, who currently have no way to test the code themselves (or see it in action anywhere.)

rev 23
* Updating to SMF rev 10072 (fixes to strlen and board/topic optimizations) (changelog.txt, ManageSettings.php, News.php, Post.php, Search.php, SearchAPI-Custom.php, SearchAPI-Fulltext.php, Subs-Auth.php, Subs.php)
! Small @ hack in ManageSmileys to avoid errors when the smiley list is empty (wrong folder, etc.) (ManageSmileys.php)

--> Yeah, I ended up committing that one... Sorry, it was too tempting :lol: