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Off-topic / Opinion on my new site format? Trying keep it simple...
« on December 19th, 2013, 08:32 PM »
I'm planning a new forum and a lot of my members will come from Facebook groups where they're used to simplicity without all the usual forum options.
I'm going to have my theme and template super simple and easy to use.

The thing is, in Facebook groups, 90 percent post a photo and others comment on it, so it needs to be 'gallery based' rather than purely discussion based.

What is the best software combination to use? Of course I'd love to get hold of Wedge but that's obviously not an option at the moment.
I have experience with SMF and Aeva gallery but I'm a little scared of using Aeva since updates have ended and I know of at least one bug that can be annoying.

The other option is phpBB with Gallery attached (better or worse than SMF with Aeva?)

I'm aiming for one way to post: not forum in one section, and gallery in another.
I could make it forum based and people post photo attachments in the board, but when someone posts a photo it doesn't automatically add to the gallery (like Facebook does).
I could make it purely gallery based and hide the forum, but then a post can ONLY be started with a photo and not a question. Maybe possible to alter the format with a lot of work?

To top it off everyone has got used to the 'Like' system and neither forum seems to have a good MOD for that.

Any ideas on the best base I should use? Should I favour SMF because it may be easier to convert to Wedge later on?