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I recently moved the small forum I maintain from SMF 2.0 RC5 to the Alpha distribution of Wedge. I'm happy to say it was a relatively painless experience, and the Wedge distribution is working well for us. The users like the Wedge software much better, especially on their phones and mobile devices.

It's hosted on's servers (LAMP), and has been running without incident for a couple of weeks now. Performance is at least as good as the old SMF forum and usually better.

I had to edit the install to remove the set timeout, which our host does not allow, and change the location of the database from localhost -- both these things are site-specific. The import program appears to have worked perfectly, and copied the contents of the old forum to the new.

So, all in all, a pleasant experience for admin and users alike. Well done! :cool:
Don't waste your time on htaccess files...
The simple fact that it shows wwwRedirect in the URL means that there's a problem with the loadConstants function, in QueryString.php...

Interestingly, I fixed a bug precisely in that area earlier today (I only just committed it though), but it's not directly related to your problem. I found the bug when I tried to access my test forum from my girlfriend's laptop ('Penny Dreadful' was getting dreadfully boring), and it gave me strange graphics and broken links with... wwwRedirect in them.

I'm assuming that the bug is due to the fact that Wedge is built upon the fact that the board URL doesn't have a www in it, but adds a few lines of code to automatically change links to the subdomain-less version if you use www. However, I never tested the other way around....

I'll look into it tomorrow, it's bed time for me.
Also Apache doesn’t give a shit about its own webroots. It just cares about folders. So Apache maybe listen to .htaccess of its parent folder's.
Please take a look if there are more .htaccess files right BEFORE your webroot.
Like I say above. Please enable support for subdomain independent cookies.
Got the feeling that this should do the trick for you.

Other software / Re: Arantor back on SMF Team!
Norodo « on October 20th, 2013, 12:21 PM »
How about we wait until the software is released, then we let the users decide? Right now this is not much more than a pissing contest.
Importing into Wedge / Re: MyBB Import
Pandos « on May 22nd, 2014, 08:32 AM »
Ja, wenn das so klappen würde, wäre es natürlich das Beste.

Ich sehe keine in Deinem Account?
Importing into Wedge / Re: MyBB Import
Pandos « on May 21st, 2014, 07:04 PM »
Hi Gerriet,

what others declare as RC is ways behind Wedge's actual developement status.
It's really stable.
There are some known issues (Look in Bug Reports). But nothing that will stop you from using this software on production sites.

It's up to you, if you can live with those bugs meanwhile...
Development blog / Re: Alphababy!
Suki « on April 20th, 2014, 06:00 PM »
Congrats! :D
Features / Re: New revs
Nao « on March 14th, 2014, 12:31 AM »
[Commit revision bbfbddb]
Author: Nao
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 00:30:55 +0100
Stats: 12 files changed; +103 (insertions), -116 (deletions)

  • Dear human beings; this is a major overhaul of the banner area in all of my skins. (index.template.php, script.js, index.css, sections.css, Warm/extra.css, Wilde/extra.css, Wine/extra.css, Wuthering/extra.css, extra.ie6.css, install.css, install.php, readme_install.html)
  •  Renamed #upper_section to #banner. Makes sense.
  •  Using different margins per skin was a bad idea, and not very responsive, so I'd wanted to change that for a long time. The default is now just two barely styled h1/#slogan elements, and they use different techniques to achieve different positioning across all skins. It makes for an interesting study for those who are into CSS, I suppose.
  •  Banners are now elastic vertically in Weaving, Wilde and associated mobile versions. The reason it's not in Wine and its children Warm and Wuthering, is because Wine is using a static background of a fixed height (100px), so I'm sticking to a static height for it.
  •  The h1 tag is now styled alone, without any preceding classes or IDs. This is because it's only used in one place (forum title); even though HTML5 allows for multiple h1 tags, I prefer not to bother.
  •  Wine now uses CSS's multiple backgrounds feature. Well, what then?
  •  Also updated install scripts, although they were unrelated to begin with.
  • Needs more testing. I did a LOT of that over the weeks I spent on this rewrite, but I have a feeling something's gonna fail sooner than later.