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OK, so I was talking to Asgard yesterday and he commented about how the search redundancy in SMF always annoyed him, hence the haiku-esque thought yesterday.

His complaint is that we have a search form every page, and we have a search button, why do we need both? Either drop the quick search, or drop the menu item, and be done with it.

And I thought about this, and I thought some more. Then I had some tea and all other arguments are invalid :D

OK, here's what I want to do.
1. Drop the search menu entirely, there's no need for it including all its fun markup.

2. Add a link to the full search page from just under the search form. This isn't duplication. This means when you want to do things the quick search can't do, you can still get to it.

3. Drop the distinction between simple and advanced searching and just have it push to the 'advanced' page and be done with it.

The result is simpler, cleaner functionality without multiple places on the page being duplicated.