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January 12th, 2012, 01:30 AM
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January 17th, 2012, 09:37 AM
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FireShot Screen Capture #016 - 'Integration Hooks' - localhost_wedge_trunk_index_php_action=admin;area=modsettings;sa=hooks;cab5f70=c4b75824ca90918403419fccc3f8e6ed.png
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I got this idea from (Integration Hooks Report, by Emanuel and Sinan).<br /><br />This plugin is basically the same principle as the SMF mod linked above, but with some Wedge-y aspects (which, incidentally, are impossible in SMF, or, at least, extremely convoluted). It shows all hooks installed on the platform, categorised by plugin. Yet, there will be some stray hooks where webmasters customise their forum, if they didn't edit the core[1]

Only hooks not associated with a plugin have the remove box. Plugin hooks don't because they should be dealt with by the Plugin Manager, not this plugin. Reason being that a plugin shouldn't be only partially activated; it's all or nothing..<br /><br />There is a drop down box which allows for filtering by a specific plugin, stray hooks, or none at all.
 1. Do NOT edit the Wedge core!! It will cause upgrade headaches. Make a plugin instead. Ask for help if needed.
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