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For several years, we've been building a new forum platform in PHP 5. Based upon the popular SMF, which we used to develop for (see the FAQ for more), Wedge allows you to create and maintain message boards with a modern twist. Blogs, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, object programming, UTF8, CSS pre-parsing, improved security, drafts, easier theming and modding? Will do! We think that once it's released, you'll agree that Wedge is the best free forum software available. Read the full feature list. With dozens of new features, including the exclusive Aeva Media gallery system, Wedge puts control back into your hands. When is it coming out? When it's ready. Try the alpha version if you're not scared. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog's RSS feed to make sure not to miss it!
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Yesterday at 11:34 AM by Pandos
Bug reports > [Installer] Blank screen and errors
April 18th, 12:08 AM by Kian
Importing into Wedge > SMF 2 to Wedge importer errors
April 17th, 11:22 PM by Nao
Features > New revs
April 17th, 06:51 PM by Pandos
Features > Bookmarks
April 17th, 04:46 PM by Nao
Features > [Poll] Board status icons: what's the point?
Yesterday at 10:22 AM Actions…Nao » took a break yesterday; will likely resume work Monday or so. not being tied up to a daily schedule is luxury for me. I intend to enjoy it at least once a week. like regular people.
April 17th, 11:25 PM Actions…Nao » Just noticed I'd made over 2000 commits to the main Wedge repo... Cool! 8-)
April 17th, 08:07 AM Actions…g1one » hello
April 16th, 09:28 PM Actions…Sara » @Nao> That I understand! :)  Didn't know it was -Human- spam.  I find that kind very funny.  As if they are that deparate to take the time out to deface a page when it will just as easily be erased.
April 16th, 12:08 AM Actions…txcas » I am swamped at work. :(
April 15th, 07:47 AM Actions…Nao » @Sara> No system can do anything to prevent *human* spammers from registering. All I can do is make it harder to register... (But even then, if you can login via Facebook... You don't really have to answer anti-spam questions!)
April 15th, 07:15 AM Actions…Sara » Wow, spam. Never thought I'd see the day.
April 13th, 07:23 AM Actions…live627 » @Nao> heheh
April 12th, 11:55 AM Actions…Nao » @live627> It's always sunny in Arizona™.
April 11th, 07:46 AM Actions…live627 » 100F here today... early summer, anyone?
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Redirects to Wedge's official GitHub repository. There, you will find the latest version of the source code. Just click on 'Download ZIP' to get an installable version. Alternatively, use GitHub for Windows software to 'Clone in Desktop' and only retrieve files updated since your last pull.

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